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20 - Mytamba Smith



Home Town:
 Chicago, IL

Height / Weight:
 5'11" / 175



How long have you been playing lacrosse? I have been playing for three years.

What position do you play? I am a midfielder and face off specialist.

What is something you like about Laxrosse? I love the adrenaline and the rush of lacrosse. The speed of the game has me addicted.

What is something you do not like about Lacrosse? I hate that more people do not play it, and I also hate that lacrosse gets alomost no mention unlike bigger sports.

What is your WEAPON of CHOICE? My weapon of choice is a STX Scandium Pro topped by a 2010 Professor rocking a soft mesh job with a high pocket, a good face off combination as the entire stick is light and the soft mesh pops back and forth before, and after face offs without any trouble. 




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